List below are a few of the more common standard sizes used for envelopes. Please remember that we can also produce custom sized envelopes to suit your exact requirements, just ask.
Please remember that all of these sizes can be provided in various different styles as shown on our Envelope Style Guide

DL Envelope

DL size envelopes are used for most letters, invoices, statements and other such items, probably the most common size in use. Fold an A4 letter into thirds for the perfect fit. Also ideal for mailshots.

C6 Envelope

The C6 size envelope is ideal for an A6 flat sheet, an A5 sheet folded in half or an A4 sheet folded twice.

C5 Envelope

The C5 size envelope is ideal for A5 literature or A4 literature folded in half. It can also carry small brochures or booklets along with other advertising material.

C4 Envelope

The C4 size envelope can comfortably carry a flat A4 sheet or A3 sheet folded in half. A4 brochures and magazines will also be fine in a C4 envelope.

C3 Envelope

The C3 envelope, whilst too large for sending most items, comes in to it’s own for posting our calendars, desk pads and other large items.