With many different styles of envelope available, our envelope guide should help you choose what is best for you.
Please remember that all of these styles can be provided in various different sizes as shown on our Envelope Size Guide

Wallet Envelope

The wallet envelope normally has a trapezium shaped flap and is probably the most commonly used type of envelope.

Self Seal Wallet Envelope

The self seal envelope is just like the normal wallet envelope but the two flaps are pre-glued meaning you don’t have to moisten the flap to seal the envelope closed.

Mailing or Machinable Wallet Envelope

The mailing or machinable wallet envelope has a slightly different shaped flap to allow a smoother flow through mailing machines.

Pocket Envelope

The pocket envelope just has it’s opening and flap and seal on the short edge of the envelope rather than the long edge. These are often used for internal work dockets in offices.

Banker Envelope

The banker envelope has a triangular style flap which is usually used greetings cards and for personal use.

Window Envelope

Window envelopes have a cellophane window built in to it to allow for addresses or other details to show through from your contents inside. Windows are available on all sizes.