Overprinted Envelopes

Most envelopes are overprinted on standard stock (off the shelf) size envelopes. These are available in various sizes, colours and materials.

Bespoke Size Envelopes

Should the standard envelope sizes not be suitable for you, we can design and produce a bespoke size or style. Your design is made from a flat sheet which we then fold and glue in to a finished envelope to perfectly fit your requirements.

PPI – Printed Postage Impression

The PPI is a postage mark available from the Royal Mail which allow people to send your envelopes to you without having to pay postage as you pay for it directly through your account with the Royal Mail. We can create your PPI for you when you supply your Royal Mail postage details to us.

BRE – Business Reply Envelope

The business reply envelope allows your customers to respond to you extremely easily. They are usually printed with your return address with either a space marked to place a stamp or a pre-printed with your PPI, meaning you pay for the postage of all envelopes posted back to you.

GSM – Grams Per Square Metre

Gsm is used to show the thickness of paper or other materials. This allows you to compare the thickness of different envelopes you may require. Most envelopes are around 90/100gsm.

QR Codes

QR codes allow people to scan information into a smartphone using readily available software. A QR code on your envelope could directly link to your company contact details or maybe a special page or offer on your website. We can create QR codes for you.

PMS – Pantone Matching System

The Pantone Matching System allows printers to print a specific colour of ink. If you know that, for example, your company logo is PMS348 (Green) then you can let us know and we can use the PMS system to keep your colours consistent across all of your printed material.

CYMK or Spot Colours

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is the full colour printing process. This allows you to have things like photographs, colour logos and the ability to print almost anything you need. Spot colours are just individual single colours of ink made from the Pantone range of colours. You may have one, two or more spot colours.