The Royal Mail are changing to a new PPI design…are you ready yet?

Below are quotes from the Royal Mail website explaining the change and when the changes come in to effect.

Why we are doing this?
The UK was one of the first countries in the EU to open the postal market to full competition in 2006, since when competition has become well established. We believe it would be helpful to everyone – you the customer, and receiving households and businesses – to make it easy to identify whether Royal Mail or another company delivered each item of mail. This way the receiving customer will know who to call if there is a problem with misdelivery, late delivery or another issue. In an independent poll of consumers, 77% agreed this would be helpful. It is also important to our people that their role in delivering the mail to communities throughout the UK is fully recognised. We have listened to our people and responded to their concerns.

When will this change take effect?
The changes are effective from 23rd June 2012. However, we are mindful of the challenges some customers may meet in implementing the new PPI by this date. Therefore there is a six month period for migration to enable you to use up old stocks of stationery which do not have the “Delivered by Royal Mail” mark printed on them and to change to the new PPI design.

Throughout the period up until 2 January 2013, we will continue to accept mail with the old PPI design whilst you make the transition to the new PPI specifications.

Contact us now and we can help you change your PPI and print your new envelopes in time for the Royal Mail closing date.