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Envelope Style & Size Guie

The Envelope Style & Size Guide

Check out all the variations of envelope style and sizes we have to offer.


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Scroll through the different Envelope Styles available. Our style guide should make it easy and simple for you to choose which style suits you best.

For further information on each style. See below…

Wallet Envelopes
  • Wallet envelopes have the opening on the long edge of the envelope and are probably the most common type of envelope.

Wallet Envelope

Pocket Envelopes
  • Pocket envelopes have the opening on the short edge of the envelope. These are often used for work dockets in offices.

Pocket Envelope

Mailing or machinable Envelopes
  • Mailing or machinable envelopes have a slightly different shaped flap to allow a smoother flow through mailing machines.

Mailing Envelope

Banker Envelopes
  •  Banker envelopes have a triangular style flap which is usually used for greetings cards and for personal use.

Banker Envelope

Window Envelopes
  • Window envelopes have a cellophane window built in to allow for addresses or other details to show through from your contents inside. Windows are available on all sizes.

Window Envelope

Self seal Envelopes
  • Self seal envelopes have two flaps that chemically seal when closed meaning you don’t have to moisten the flap to seal.

Self Seal Envelope

Gummed Envelopes
  • Gummed envelopes are the lick and seal type and are often used for business reply envelopes.

Wallet Envelope

Peal and Seal Envelopes
  • Peel and seal envelopes have a peel away strip to expose the adhesive for sealing. They also have the longest shelf life.

Mailing Envelope


Scroll through the variety of standard Envelope Sizes available. Also remember we can produce custom sized envelopes to suit your exact requirements all you need to do is ask.

For further information on each size. See below…

DL size Envelopes
  • DL size envelopes are used for most letters, invoices, statements and other such items, probably the most common size in use. Fold an A4 letter into thirds for the perfect fit. Also ideal for mailshots. (110 x 220mm)

DL Envelope Size

C6 size Envelopes
  • The C6 size envelope is ideal for an A6 flat sheet, an A5 sheet folded in half or an A4 sheet folded twice. (114 x 162mm)

C6 Envelope Size

C5 size Envelopes
  • The C5 size envelope is ideal for an A5 sheet or A4 sheet folded in half. It can also carry small brochures or booklets along with other advertising material. (162 x 229mm)

C5 Envelope Size

C4 size Envelopes
  • The C4 size envelope can comfortably carry a flat A4 sheet or A3 sheet folded in half. A4 brochures and magazines will also be fine in a C4 envelope. (229 x 324mm)

C3 size Envelopes
  • The C3 size envelope, whilst too large for sending most items, comes in to it’s own for posting our calendars, desk pads and other large items. (324 x 457mm)

Free Design Team service available

  • Our design team offers a comprehensive artwork production tailored to your requirements completely free of charge.
  • You are welcome to provide us a rough template or even a photo of a hand-drawn illustration. The artwork will then be created and prepared for your approval. After receiving your approval, we’ll send it to print.
  • Please let us know if your artwork needs to be modified. We wish to guarantee your complete satisfaction.